Trending Haircuts for Women

Miami is home to some of the most beautiful women in the world. Most of the ladies in this region take aesthetics to a whole different level. Keeping on top of the latest hairstyle trends usually takes great precedence. Open Hair Miami Salon understands this and stays on top of the latest styles and methods for maintaining and inducing healthy hair. Our professional hair stylists and colorists are skilled and experienced to transform for the most satisfying results.

The Latest Haircut Trends

Bob cuts and Butterfly cuts are two of the most sought-after hair styles in Miami right now. Open Hair Miami Salon stylists are up to date on these new haircuts, and our hair color experts are some of the best for techniques, such as balayage, highlights, hair coloring, hair Botox, and extensions.

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Popular Haircuts and Styles

90s blowout hairstyles Miami

90’s Blowout

cut bob haircuts Miami

90’s Chop

90s layer haircut Miami

90’s Layers

short asymmetrical bog Miami

Asymmetrical Cuts

Trending Haircuts for Women - Open Hair Miami Salon

Baby Bangs

blunt cut bob with bangs Miami

Blunt Bang Cuts

butterfly cut Miami

Butterfly Cuts

chandelier layer cut Miami

Chandelier Layers

classic lob haircut Miami

Classic Lobs

bang haircuts for curly hair Miami

Curly Bangs

Trending Haircuts for Women - Open Hair Miami Salon

Curly Layers

curly shag haircut Miami

Curly Shag

long curtain bangs haircut Miami

Curtain Bangs

wave haircut

Easy Waves

long layers with face framing Miami

Face Framing Layers

French crop haircut Miami

French Girl Chic

hybrid bob haircut Miami

Haircut Hybrids

invisible layers haircut Miami

Invisible Layers

long and sleek hair Miami

Long and Sleek

long layered hair with bangs Miami

Long Hair with Layers

long lob haircut Miami

Long Lobs

medium length shaggy hair cut Miami

Medium Length Cut

mermaid shag haircut Miami

Mermaid Shag

hair cut bob cut Miami

Modern Diana Cut

razor cut short hairstyles Miami

Razor Cut Hair Styles

tapered pixie cut black hair Miami

Tapered Cuts

the shag haircut Miami

The Shag

tight crop haircut Miami

Tight Crop

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