The summer sun is like a breath of fresh air once it arrives. The longer evenings and milder days provide the ideal setting for enjoyable and unwinding outdoor activities. Of course, we all rejoice in the beach days, picnics, pool, and barbecues during summer. However, it’s also a cue to make adjustments, such as changing your cosmetic routine, outfit, and, if you’re feeling adventurous, your hair color for the summer. Let’s look into some summer hair color trends and ideas.

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This Year’s Summer Hair Color Trends



Balayage hair appeared to take off overnight. Our Instagram feeds were unexpectedly overwhelmed with pictures of beautiful blonde hair with bright, face-framing pieces branded with the hashtag “balayage.” Balayage is a relatively low-maintenance technique to go lighter because it keeps your base color and frequently blends your natural roots for a softer grow-out, which is why the trend caught on so quickly. What is balayage? And how can you properly request this look from your colorist? Let’s begin with the fact that balayage isn’t a distinct hue; instead, it’s a method your colorist uses.

Although we often associate balayage with becoming blonde, the same procedure may be used to create caramel, espresso, or pastel strands. The balayage is a highlighting technique that creates a natural, sun-kissed look. Contrary to conventional highlights, balayage doesn’t use foils. Instead, your hair colorist will hand-paint color directly on your hair using a brush, creating a more blended, natural color.


This summer, another trend to try is partial highlights. Partially highlighted hair only covers a few strands near your face or the top layer of hair, but the majority of your hair is typically left undyed. Many people opt for partial hair highlights due to their preference for how their natural hair color can be seen through the highlighted strands.

Blonde Tones

Despite warmer tones soon taking over, platinum and frosty blondes will always be in style. No two shades of blonde are quite the same. Blonde comes in dozens of iterations, from strawberry blonde and honey blonde to caramel blonde

Blonde tones can make any complexion look more youthful and radiant. But how do you know which shade of blonde is right for you? Well, it all depends on your colorings and undertones. Your hair colorist can help you determine what blonde shade best suits your skin. For example, while golden shades reflect light and provide a lovely glow for warmer, more golden skin, colder shades of blonde (like ashes and pearls) look best on people with pale skin tones with reddish undertones.

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The professionals at Open Hair Miami Salon know that clients looking for a subtle boost or those inspired by the whole range of blondes are drawn to these color services. Above all, we pride ourselves on providing you with healthy hair that gives you confidence and enables you to enjoy a signature style. So book an appointment right away to feel and look your best!

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