Bob Haircut Styles for Ladies

What is a Bob Cut?

A bob hair cut (aka: ‘a bob’) is a hair style for short and medium-length hair that is cut straight around the head at jaw-level. The style can be modified as far as length and shape but is for the most part a cut with clear and defined lines. The bob cut varies based on the type of bob desired. Many stylists rave that bob haircut styles help to make mature women look younger, and younger women look more sophisticated.

Below is a list of the different types of bob cuts to help you choose. If you’re not sure, our talented team of Miami hair stylists and colorists at Open Hair Miami Salon will help you to decide based on your unique features.

bob haircut styles for ladies in Miami

The Different Types of Bob Haircut Styles

short asymmetrical bob Miami

Asymmetrical Layered Bob

This style of cut has been referred to as ‘the more flattering bob style’ and is ideal for women with square-shaped faces, as this cut is longer on one side than the other. The uneven look helps to add dimension and regardless of the hair texture, helps to soften the face. The right hair products will help to keep this cut looking its best. Ask your stylist for recommendations.

A line bob cut hairstyles Miami

A-Line Bob (aka: Inverted Bob or Reverse Bob)

This is most often a short, chin-length bob cut with a slight or bold angular shape that is long in front and short in back. Different A Line bob cut styles consist of blunt or textured layers. This is a great way to help frame features, enhance bone structure and make the neck appear longer. Healthy, shiny hair will accentuate this cut.

edgy asymmetrical bob short Miami

Asymmetric Short Bob

For those who are considering sleek, modern and short bob cut styles for a professional look, this is a great choice!  This involves a deep side part, hair tucked behind ears, and shortly tapered at the back of the neck. Glossing products are helpful for this cut and style. Ask your stylist for recommendations.

short Blunt Cut Bob Miami

Blunt Cut Bob

This bob is an excellent choice for those ladies with an oval shaped face and those who have fine hair, as it appears to increase volume. Hair stylists may also suggest the blunt bob cut to help remove split ends. The style is typically the same length around the entire head. However, subtle or invisible layers are sometimes added to improve movement.

Classic Bob haircut with layers Miami

Classic Bob Cut

These haircuts are quite fashionable and create a vintage look with the length of hair typically falling between the chin and shoulders. However, this method of cutting is also available for longer lengths and may include different textures. Blowout sprays are usually recommended for classic bob cut hairstyles. Your stylist will be helpful in selecting the best products.

Bubble Bob haircuts Miami

Bubble Bob

A haircut that works for most face shapes is the bubble bob haircut, but really accentuates heart and oval shapes. This cut got its name because it resembles a bubble. This bob style haircut adds volume and bounce for fine or thick hair. The bubble bob hairstyle is a shorter cut bob that curves at the bottom. Typically, the hair is cut between the chin and shoulders. This is an ideal cut for those who do not choose to use a lot of products and really accentuates shiny, healthy hair.

choppy stacked funky inverted bob Miami

Choppy Bob Cut

This cut is divided into sections based on the hair length, then cut randomly creating a more messy look. This cutting method offers volume and a lot of movement. For those who are aiming for a more carefree style, the choppy inverted bob is an excellent choice. The hairstyle is flattering whether you choose to keep your hair one color or add balayage or highlights. The right hair products will help to manage this do. Ask your stylist about the best products to achieve the look you are interested in.

Curly Bob Cut hairstyles Miami

Curly Bob Cut

The curly bob hair cut will make your curls pop and add volume. It is a great option for women with oval shaped faces and those who are searching for a way to enhance texture naturally. The curly bob haircut includes different styles, including the asymmetrical, choppy, layered, pixie, shaggy and undercut. The best look will include gently sheared layers in front and added products to help hold the style.

blunt cut a line bob Miami

Cut A-Line Bob

This style of cut is quite fashionable, as the hair is cut longer in the front than in back resembling the letter A. This look can be modified slightly or cut with an extreme angle. Some women will choose to use the additional length in front to curl under framing the face, emphasizing bone structure and increasing the appearance of neck length. Again, this is a great cut for the ladies with heart or oval shaped faces. But it is also an excellent bob cut for round faces or those with more square shapes.

Emo Bob hairstyles Miami

Emo Bob

Emo bob cuts were named in connection with the emo music trend and involve choppy, thin or textured layers at the ends with high volume at the crown. Sharp angled layers surround the face and sometimes will also boast side-swipe bangs. This is a style often worn by women who want to show off their individuality, and frequently flaunts bold color or balayage to really make the cut pop. An emo bob haircut can be worn short, medium, or longer lengths.

French bob haircut Miami

French Bob (Short)

There are a few different lengths and styles for this particular cut. But a French Girl Chic is typically a shorter bob and cut between the cheekbone and jawline. It flaunts full French bangs with gradual broken lengths. This look requires healthy, shiny hair and is a great look for women of all ages.  Maintaining healthy hair will be important with this cut. Request help for selecting the right products from your Open Hair Miami stylist.

long French bob Miami

French Girl Chic (Long)

A longer French Girl Chic style (also referred to as the Grunge Bob). This style is also achieved with a cut between the cheekbone and jawline, with smooth and straight longer layers below. Wrap-drying with an ionic hairdryer and topped with heavier sprays or other products is recommended.  Ask your stylist for their product suggestions for the long French bob.

Italian Bob hairstyles Miami

Italian Bob

If you’ve been in search of a daring but sophisticated Italian influenced hairstyle, the Italian bob haircut may be just what you’re looking for. This is a blunt, short cut that sits on the chin or slightly below. This cut style may have faint layers and fringe. It is the contrary of the more ‘perfect cut’ bobs. The Italian bob cuts will often require products to help the hold. Some suggestions include sugar spray, mousse, and salt spray. However, it will be important to also pick up moisturizing products as well to help keep your hair in the best condition. Ask your stylist about the products they would recommend.

Layered Bob (aka: Inverted Bob)

Layered Bob (aka: Inverted Bob)

This is a low-maintenance hairdo for all hair types and textures, short or medium lengths. It has features of the classic bob, but with added layers to improve texture and volume. Typically, the bottom layer will stop between the ears and shoulders. Additional layers are frequently added throughout the rest of the hair. An inverted layered bob will have layers cut in the front that are slightly longer than in back. A deep side part layered bob usually will involve choppy ends, a side part and loose waves. Bangs are sometimes added and will help to flatter women with oval shaped faces. Texturizing the ends will create a layered textured bob. There is also what is known as the Layered Graduated bob which is stacked cut and layered in an angle creating a sharper look with longer (sometimes jagged) layers in front than in back.

Micro Bob

Micro Bob

One of the shortest bob cuts that has really picked up demand is the Micro bob haircut. This is most often cut chin length or a bit shorter but styled in a variety of ways. Nonetheless, the cut is sharp with very little layering or texturing. The Micro bob may be styled tucked behind the ears to help brighten your smile, tousled waves for a nonchalant look, or worn sleek and shiny for a more silky-smooth appearance. This cut may also be styled as a French Blowout to add more volume using products with a better hold, such as mouse and a large round brush or rollers.

Mob Bob

Mob Bob

This cut style is a longer short cut with some features of the traditional bob with hidden layers to add more volume, but without blunt or precise lines.  This is another great style for the ladies with straight or wavy hair (and healthy, shiny locks). The Mob bob haircut may be styled straight or blown out for more fullness. Mature women tend to request this look because it really speaks ‘sophisticated’ and offers and effortless, but classy look, that really blossoms features.

Old Money Bob haircuts Miami

Old Money Bob

If you’re wanting a classic Hollywood cut with bounce, this old money bob haircut will be exactly what you’ve been imagining. This style is a longer short bob and is typically cut directly above the collarbone. The Old Money Blonde bob is also very popular and can be achieved by one of our expert colorists. Speak to your stylist about the best hair products to maintain this particular cut.

bob princess Diana haircut Miami

Princess Bob

The Princess bob cut includes many types of bob cut styles but all, for the most part, include a classic bob cut with part in the middle and adding some volume and a sharp (but care-free) look. The cut length typically ends around (or just below) the chin. This is a very classy hairstyle but will require regular trims that will vary by how thick your hair is. The Princess bob is often the go-to for women in the summertime who are in search of easy to care for, but extremely fashionable, hairstyles.

Shaggy Bob haircut Miami

Shaggy Bob Cut

This hairstyle offers a more rebellious and daring look. It can be worn short, mid-length or slightly longer. The Shaggy bob cut hairstyle options are rather versatile, but the cut involves choppy layers and textured ends. Waves are sometimes added for a beachier appearance. The Shaggy bob is a great choice for all hair types and is one of the easier styles to manage regularly. However, the best products will achieve the best results.

Sleek Bob hairstyles Miami

Sleek Bob

One of the more elegant haircuts would be the Sleek bob haircut and is magnificent for showing off beautiful, healthy hair. Although this is most often worn as a shorter hairstyle, it can be worn in short, chin length, shoulder length, and even as a sleek long bob. Ladies can choose from all sorts of textures and finishes. Ask your hair stylist for some recommendations that will flatter your specific face shape and one that will help you to achieve the look you are going for.

best bob haircut in Miami

Tousled Deconstructed Bob

This type of bob cut offers a more natural look (a bit messy) and may or may not include bangs. The shape is square with jagged and textured edges. Healthy and shiny hair textures are required for this bob cut. Ask your stylist about the best products to use to maintain this style.

layered natural wavy bob cuts Miami

Wavy Bob Cut (aka: Beachy Bob)

A wavy bob is a fun and carefree hair style that allows gentle waves with texture and movement and often worn chin length. It’s a great option for women that prefer a more relaxed look. It also a great bob cut hairstyle for wavy hair. A beachy bob cut will often include balayage or highlights for that sun-kissed look (just as you’ve been spending time at the beach).

Really, bob haircuts for women are almost limitless. There are a long list of nicknames and cut styles for all lengths of short to medium hair styles. At Open Hair Miami, we keep on top of all of the latest trending hairstyles and cuts and are ready to transform for the most stunning look.

Bob Haircut Styles Performed by Some of the Best Miami Hairstylists

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