Tips to Maintain Your Nails After A Gel Manicure

We adore gel manicures for various reasons, including their speed and durability (they last up to two weeks). However, the honeymoon doesn't need to end there. Here's how to keep up your regular gel mani since healthy nails are beautiful nails.

The Cuticle

You should always start at the source - your cuticles. The cuticle is the cornerstone of any manicure, so before we discuss the best ways to ensure that your polish doesn't chip as frequently or even to avoid brittleness and breaking, let's first concentrate on it. Even if you've never considered it, it's crucial to take care of your cuticles to ensure the longevity of your polish. You can extend your manicure using a decent cuticle or nail oil daily because it keeps your nails hydrated. Why is this crucial? Having dry cuticles and nails increases the risk of breakage. So make sure to keep them moisturized with cuticle oil.

Stay Away From Hot Water and Alcohol-based Products

Along with keeping your cuticles healthy, avoiding the common causes behind nail breakage and chips in your prized gel polish is crucial. One offender that you might not have anticipated at all is hot water. Yes, washing your hands or doing the dishes with hot water, or those scalding hot showers you enjoy so much can cause early chipping on your gel manicure and can be the reason behind your gel manicure only lasting a week or maybe less.

Try taking warm showers instead, or if you like hot baths, keep your hands out of the tub. Leaving your hands in the hot tub for a long time is one of the worst things you can do - the nails grow as they absorb water, causing them to chip.

Additionally, avoid getting alcohol-based products on your nails, as they might contribute to a ruined manicure. Products that contain alcohol can dry out the skin — and dry nails mean breakage. Countless nail professionals recommend wearing rubber gloves when doing house shores or heavy-duty work to make a gel manicure last longer.

Don't Pick!

It can be tempting to pull that gel off once it begins to lift toward the end of its lifespan, but doing so can also cause the first layer of your nail to peel. Your cuticles, which the gel could also tear, can get damaged. Picking at your manicure will result in fragile nails that take forever to grow back.

Try the Best!

We all put our hands and feet through regular wear and tear, regardless of our line of work. So it should come as no surprise that your nails need specific care to feel and look their best. We promise that as soon as you arrive for your manicure or pedicure appointment, you will be able to unwind and forget about the pressures of the outside world. The next step is for our skilled nail technicians to repair your cuticles and rough skin before perfectly polishing your nails. Finally, treat yourself to the best manicure care in Miami with a soothing nail service from Open Hair Miami.