Hair extensions give you the length and volume you’ve always desired, but they can rapidly lose their luster and bounce if you don’t take care of them. Unfortunately, a lot of us have harmful daily routines that damage hair extensions. You want them to last after spending so much money on them. Read below to see how you’re damaging your hair extensions in these five ways without even realizing it.

common mistakes that will ruin hair extensions

5 Ways You’re Ruining Your Hair Extensions


1. Being Too Rough

Any type of hair extension will always suffer if you treat them too roughly in terms of texture and longevity. Before purchasing hair extensions, we think you should really grasp and realize the investment that they are. If you are overly rough with your hair extensions, you will uncover many defects either instantly or after a period of time.

You may find that your hair extensions shed more than usual if you brush your hair too vigorously. If you pull on them, your hair will fall out just like your actual hair does. Brush your hair using a proper brushing technique to avoid being harsh on your hair while removing knots or tangles. Use a mild detangling spray if you’re truly having trouble untangling a knot. Nothing too heavy and thick (since if you use items that can lead to product buildup). You will not need to wash your hair extensions too frequently.

2. Too Much/Little Hair Washing

Over-washing your hair is terrible, but so is washing it too little. It is common knowledge that hair shouldn’t need to be washed more frequently than three times per week. Nevertheless, deciding to go too many days without washing your hair is terrible for it as well. For hair extensions, the same holds true.

Your hair extensions will become dull and lose their gloss if you don’t wash them as suggested above. And to make matters worse, they have a tendency to begin to smell fairly nasty.

Excessive washing depletes the moisture from hair extensions, making them dry. To keep your extensions looking healthy, use a moisturizing shampoo.

3. Ignoring the Environment

The environment has an effect on your hair. Pollutants in the air settle on your hair, and build up a layer of filth and debris that detracts from the beauty of your extensions and natural hair.

Your hair extensions will not only look worse, but it will also dry them out. The easiest technique to safeguard your hair extensions (if you reside in a polluted area) is to keep them as much as possible wrapped in a silk towel.

4. Using Abrasive Products

You should refrain from using harsh products on your extensions and natural hair. Even if they aren’t coming out of your scalp, extensions nonetheless respond negatively to harsh chemicals. Sulfate-, paraben-, and alcohol-containing shampoos are terrible for your extensions.

Use moisturizing products that are free of parabens and sulfates to preserve your hair extensions and your natural hair from needless harm.

5. Over-Styling

Over-styling your hair is one of the most frequent blunders made with hair extensions. Your hair may appear unhealthy as a result of this, and it may even break off. Use a heat-protectant spray before using any heated styling products to prevent this.

Additionally, stay away from wearing tight hairstyles that might pull on your hair and harm it.

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